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Support us

Nuzaki isn’t just an amazing tool to reach out with those in need and have an impact on their lives— we’re also a nonprofit organization. That means we rely on voluntary contributions and generous donations from our supporter to help cover operating expenses, like web hosting, bank fees, telephone costs, regulatory fees, and the ongoing development of our web platform.

We don’t charge any service fee to beneficiary. Instead, we ask that those who participate contribute what they can to support our growth. We are very thankful in advance.

Two options to choose from: one time gift / monthly giving

$25 Cover the fixed cost charged by our field partner for one micro project
$50 Helps transfer an average of $1000 in donation for beneficiaries
$100 Makes Nuzaki platform be more visible and reach out largest target of donors
$250 Supports a part of Nuzaki interns and developers fees
$500 Cover Nuzaki IT maintenance for about one month
$1000 Helps Nuzaki review new partnerships
$2500 Help us reach more communities and expand into new geographies
Set your own amount to give

To make a donation to Nuzaki's operational expenses via check, please make your check payable to
“Nuzaki Microfinance” and mail it with your return address to:

5147 Angel Stone Dr, Mississauga,
ON L5M 0L5, Canada

Thank you again for considering a donation to Nuzaki!