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Education & Capacity Building oriented

Our focus is Economic empowerment, but at an early-stage Education is the only ladder for these children to climb out of poverty.

Our Mission

We match donors with beneficiaries to help alleviate poverty through Microfinance, by leveraging our online platform and a worldwide network of field partners and experts.

Our Vision

Give someone a Fish, and You Feed Him/her for a Day. Teach someone To Fish, and You Feed Him/her for a Lifetime

Our Story

At no time in human history have we had greater know-how, resources and capabilities to overcome the challenges we face. Nuzaki was built to mobilize people through technology for better resources allocations




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We focus on Economic Empowerment

Who We are

Our Impact

How It Works

We are global organization fully dedicated for Economic empowerment. Our approach is holistic starting from providing education at early stage, to supporting individual at later stage. There is only one thing that stands between a person’s dreams and their ability to achieve them: opportunity. We provide opportunities for people to lift themselves out of poverty through Microfinance. Our platform gives anyone, anywhere around the world, the ability to contribute to projects providing opportunity and lifting people out of poverty.

We believe in education and financial inclusion as means to sustainably empower people. We impacted more than 1000 people with life changing lift. We provide grass root solution for poverty, not a simple relief. We offer means of life, by helping small farmer and entrepreneur launching new micro project, get new job through vocational training and capacity building program.

We partner with local organizations to implement programs and sustain our work developing new opportunities for people in less served communities. We empower charities through digitalization wit our cutting-edge technologies in beneficiary management, fundraising facilities, interest free loan management, etc. We also provide small grant and interest free loan for beneficiary through the help of our generous donors.

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Our Services
We harness the power of digital technology to create a financially inclusive world. All proceeds go to support our operations on the ground.

Crowd Fundraising Tool

Beneficiary Screening Solution

Loan Management Tool

Best Charity Oriented ERP Software

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Projects Under Our Lenses

become a volunteer

Become the One Who is Considered a Hero

Nuzaki will help you to volunteer in your area of expertise to support the orphans and people in dire need globally.

Student internship - Available now

You are looking for internship within your school. We provide remote internship opportunities with a renown global organization in different disciplines.

Launch a support group – Fundraise with us

Either you want to suggest a case to support (orphan, student, farmer, etc) or pick one of our inspiring stories there are always meaningful ways to support impacting people and changing their lives.

Social impact ventures – Always supported

We support impact investing. We connect angel impact investors with creative entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking for support or you can provide support we are here to match different stakeholders.

Support Nuzaki Operations

We impact others with your support

We make sure that your donation is being sent to the needy. We rely on voluntary contributions and generous donations from our supporters to help cover operating expenses. You can donate here to support Nuzaki operations so we can keep up and running.
Social Impact Fund Delivered

Giving Help Fund


Support Fund

Help each other

Only by Helping Each Other We Can Make World Better

Small Business created for Refugee in Syria, Funded with the generous support of Nuzaki donors and implemented by our trusted field partner Watan Foundation.

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