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How It Works!

How It works

Determine your donation type
You have the choice to choose between Zakat Donation and Smart Donation.
To learn more about the difference click here.

Smart Donation


You choose a beneficiary
for your smart donation


We repeat the process
with another beneficiary so your donation keep making an impact

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Interest Free Loan

We make an interest free loan
with your Smart donation for the beneficiary through our field partner

Get Repaid

We get repaid
through our field partner

Zakat Donation

Pay your Zakat for productive end. Your Zakat will empower beneficiaries by supporting their small businesses. All beneficiaries, under this category, are eligible for Zakat.

You choose a beneficiary
for your Zakat donation

About Graph

We offer your Zakat donation as gift
(not reimbursed) for the beneficiary through our field partner

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Read through the stories of beneficiaries looking for help to start or grow their business. Pick one or more beneficiary of your choice. You may help anyone with as little as 25 $.

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Make a donation on behalf of loved ones or simply share the campaigns to create awareness. By sharing the beneficiary stories, you are helping them as well!

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