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Help Ahlem raise her cattle

Ahlem is a widow who started having serious financial problems after the passing of her husband. She was forced to move, along with her children, to her poor mother's small house in a rural, almost isolated part of the country.

Ahlem turned to ASAD, out field partner, for help. Which provided her with tailoring training and the necessary raw materials to get her started with a small tailoring business.

Her business enabled her to improve her family's financial status and to afford a good education to her son. Unfortunately, due to partial deterioration of her sight, she was no longer able to continue tailoring.

Ahlem has no choice but to find a job to survive so she decided to start raising cattle. Ahlem relies on her new business to put food on her table and to afford medical help concerning her sight.

Your donation will help her maintain and expand her herd and help a needy family survive and thrive.
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