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A mask for everyone

Two birds, one stone. With your donation, you can help supply the market with FREE face masks, in addition to creating job opportunities for those ladies. Since the beginning of the pandemic so many people lose their job. The new conditions are considered as a big challenge for everyone, and especially for the working class. These people have to work everyday to be able to provide food for their families. The cleaning staff of the North American Private University risked unemployment, since teaching is now provided completely online. In partnership with NuzakiCrowd, those ladies got a training on how to produce face mask and we were able to keep their job. NuzakiCrowd launched this campaign to help supply this project with raw materials. Our objective is to provide face masks by joining a national movement called “a mask for everyone”. This movement, launched on social media got viral and many thousands of people joined it in order to provide protection means specially for the working class, doctors, civil society activists, etc. Your donation will not only be used to buy fabric, plexiglass and other raw material but also to provide working opportunities for those ladies to be able to feed their families. Together, we can make it. Thanks for your support
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